The potato market, faced with rising prices and uncertainties


“The scenario looming for the next Italian potato campaign is a bit unusual, with very high harvesting expenses that growers will have to bear and somewhat higher purchase prices for the consumer, but there is no ‘There will certainly be no shortage of consumption, since potatoes are a mass product,’ said Francesco Provvisiero, an entrepreneur from the Campania region who works in the sector.

“This year, although the purchase price of the tuber seed is not yet known, we expect higher quotations than those of consumption, also because the transport costs, which are clearly increasing, will still affect plus purchase prices. This time, it will require substantial capital to deal with the new campaign.”

“At the moment, consumption is lower than last month, like every year in September. We buy mainly from France, and this year, due to the dry weather, production has been affected, with a drop compared to l campaign by about 30 percent. We buy French potatoes in jumbo bags of 1300 kg, at €0.35 per kilo. This quotation depends on the fact that production is lower and that the demand for various European countries such as Italy, Spain and Portugal is high. To these 0.35 euro cents must be added the cost of transport by road and rail. Given this scenario, we are concerned not only increases, but also whether we can last until May/June with French potatoes and then start with our own.Among other things, we still don’t know what the established harvest schedules look like by Italian entrepreneurs.

Another pain point for potato traders is the question of cold storage which, given the rise in energy prices, will have a major impact on the purchase price, in addition to unpleasant surprises on the invoice. “We are lucky, because 7 years ago we decided to install photovoltaic panels to be energy efficient. However, I heard from my other colleagues that entrepreneurs operating in this sector had paid invoices of 40,000 euros and that the refrigeration had an impact of around 0.15 euro cents on the final price,” concluded Provvisiero.


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