Six ways to make him fall deeply in love, get married


Many Nigerian women enter into relationships for a variety of reasons – some date with the sole purpose of one day being called by their boyfriend’s last name.

At the same time, many do so in exchange for temporary companionship and some material benefits.

It can sometimes be difficult to date a Nigerian. That’s right, in that, despite a thousand men who would be the ideal partner for you as the perfect husband, more than half of them would not be interested in exchanging marital vows.

So no matter how long you date them, they show little to no sign of ever asking, “Will you marry me?”

Before you start worrying and blaming the people in your village for your delayed marriage proposal, here are six ways to make your boyfriend love you more and marry you in less than a year.

Understand it

Understanding is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. Finding common ground and fostering tolerance is only possible when two people in a relationship understand each other.

Therefore, try to understand your boyfriend if you are a woman reading this. This might involve paying attention to his behavior and emotions, getting him to talk about his likes and dislikes, and making a list of his strengths and weaknesses. You have a better chance of maintaining a healthy, conflict-free relationship if you do.

Also, trust us when we say that men prefer to marry women who get them.

Be yourself

Staying true to yourself is crucial in a world where anyone can create a fake identity with just a smartphone and a social media account.

As corny as it sounds, you’re the only person in the world, so accept that. Don’t let social media or peer pressure trick you into adopting a different persona.

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Although it may seem that men favor women with fake personalities, the truth is that when it comes to choosing a woman, men prefer someone who is authentic and proud to be themselves.

Don’t be afraid to express your true feelings and live your truth if you’re dating a guy. As a result, you get closer and talk more.

Communicate more

Without communication, what exactly is a relationship? Try to communicate with your boyfriend frequently, either by calling or texting.

Although it might seem like your boyfriend should always check in on you if you’re okay, you should occasionally make the call to check on him. It shows him that you really care about him.

Also, let’s face it, all men want to be taken care of, even if it means getting married.

trust him

One of the reasons relationships don’t lead to marriage or fail in their first year is lack of trust.

When you are dating your boyfriend and there is no trust between the two of you, it will only get worse when you get married. So start trying to trust him more, deliberately.

For example, if you’re the type of girlfriend who finds it hard to believe your boyfriend when he says he’s working late, take some time to think about how you can trust his honesty. In a way, it demonstrates your love for him and that you believe everything he says is accurate, assuring him that there would be no conflicts with third parties.

Embrace his family, friends and hobbies,

Always remember that when you marry a man, you are also indirectly marrying his family and friends. For this reason, you need to embrace them and build a strong bond with them.

Look, chances are that despite his willingness to propose, your boyfriend is reluctant because he’s worried about how you might treat his family and friends. However, if you are friendly and welcoming with them, it will give them the confidence to provide you with their last name.

Plus, you might make an effort to support their interests. For example, even if you find football attractive, you can keep your boyfriend company while he watches a game whenever he has friends over.

Encourage the

Nigerian men may exhibit a tough exterior, but they secretly yearn for love and support from someone, especially their girlfriend.

Ask your boyfriend what’s wrong and tell him not to worry if you notice a sudden change in his mood rather than act on it. It also motivates him if he has a great idea or business plan.

The goal is to constantly show your support and encouragement through your words and actions.

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