The indescribable truth of Veuve Clicquot


Always keen to break convention, it is thanks to Veuve’s advice and audacity that the brand has brought together two beloved icons for the first time: rosé and champagne. Champagne rosé is particularly fresh and particularly fruity, given the individual flavor profiles of rosé and champagne (via As the site suggests, Veuve Clicquot Champagne Rosé or Rosé Champagne is both bold and elegant in taste and sight.

As Vinovest describes it, Clicquot champagne was made by simply mixing red wine with champagne. Although it seems simple, at the time, it was revolutionary. Previously, pink champagne was made by mixing elderberry juice with champagne, giving it that iconic pink hue. Clicquot has instead turned to other wines harvested in Champagne. She selected the robust Pinot Noir to give the rosé Champagne a new, stronger and more nuanced character.

As The Buyer observes, Madame Clicquot had once again rethought and redefined the standard for the champagne industry. Nowadays, red wine, more precisely Pinot Noir, is the standard of rosé Champagnes. Always French in spirit, the site asserts that a good rosé Champagne is the sum of its parts; nothing but the best Pinot and the best Champagne! As the old saying goes, sharing is caring, and suggests pairing a bottle with a good friend or two.


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