A well-known sportsman from Tipperary is now in business and operates a personal training gym


This week on the Local Business Promotion Series, we’re joined by James Hogan better known as “Chilly”.

James was born and raised in Tipperary Town and grew up in Father Mathew Court before moving to Garryskillane as a teenager.

He previously worked in bars and gyms in and around Tipperary Town. He was educated at St Michael’s National School, CBS Monastery and CBS Abbey.

When asking where the idea for a new business came from, Chilly (picture below) answers: “I have a huge interest in sports and fitness and I play a lot of sports with teams in and around the city.

“The business idea started off as just a laugh and a joke, but when I thought about it a bit, I said ‘it’s something I would love and be able to do’. With my experience working and running gyms I decided to take a leap of faith and open my own hence the name ‘Chilly’s Gym’ I operate as a personal training gym for Arravale Rovers GAA Club.

“This is a gym where I will do my best to help people achieve their physical and mental goals. Going to a gym can be intimidating for people, so I will put you at ease from the moment you walk through the gymnasium door and make you feel at home. Everyone in and around town knows how great the Arravale Rovers club is.

“When I went to President Billy Ryan and told him about my business idea, he was nothing but supportive and went out of his way to make sure I could settle in and get by.

“I would like to thank him, the committee members and everyone at Arravale Rovers who gave me this opportunity to achieve my dream. I also had a lot of help from friends and my family. family for making this business dream a reality and I’ll be forever grateful. The company was established in August 2022.”

Chilly offers many services within his new gym and he says: “It’s a personal training room, so what that means is that from the minute you walk through the door, I will guide you and give you exercises to do, tell you how many reps and sets to do and take care of the weight you will be lifting.

“I will help you with the exercises and make sure you do them correctly and safely. The gym is open to all ages and genders because I want to make it a real community business in the heart of the city of Tipperary. I will also be assisting and advising my clients on nutrition and weighing will also be provided for those looking to stay accountable and track progress.”

Different packages and subscriptions are offered for individuals, students, couples, etc. The packages vary according to your availability. All packages include nutrition plans and weigh-ins.

Here are some examples of Chilly packages: Three personal training sessions per week/nutrition plan and weigh-in for €85 for the four-week block. All packages are on a four week block and not weekly.

Chilly also says: “I teach every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

“These classes vary from week to week, so clients get a full body HIIT class, a leg and butt class and a strength and conditioning class, so people can choose from many options.”

Talking about working at Tipperary Town Chilly is upbeat and eager for the challenge.

“I’m new to the idea of ​​having my own business and dealing with people.

“I know from talking to people that Tipperary Town seems to have a bad reputation for various reasons, but I can’t express enough how overwhelmed I was with people wishing me well, liking and sharing my posts on social media, stopping me on the street saying they hope I make it and it’s great to see a local guy moving to town and really building community.”

Chilly has had a wide variety of new clients from across the region already signed up for his new gym and he is delighted to have had such success at this early stage.

“I have clients from Tipperary Town, Limerick, Cashel, Bansha to name a few and they really are the best clients in the world and even if I’m having a bad day they come to the gym and put me back fit minds and make me laugh, so I’m really, really lucky to have every single one of them coming to my gym.”

Although still in its infancy, Chilly hopes to grow and strengthen the business over the coming months.

He wants to continue to expand his clientele and meet new people and help them achieve their goals. We are now in September so the evenings are getting darker earlier and the kids are back in school so now is a great time for people thinking or wanting to join a gym to do so.

If you have any questions about Chilly’s prices, opening hours, location, facilities, please do not hesitate to contact him on his Chilly Hogan PT Facebook page, his Chilly HoganPT Instagram page or at 087-6960908.

Our best wishes to Chilly Hogan in his new venture.

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Written by John O’Heney


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