Green Valley Ranch girls launch snack bar and pop-up toy shop for more business


DENVER — A group of young girls at Green Valley Ranch learn about entrepreneurship from a lemonade stand turned pop-up business.

The Go Girls Pop-Up Stand is a snack and toy store on wheels that currently serves the Green Valley Ranch neighborhood in Aurora and is staffed by young girls ages four to 11 who have set themselves the goal of starting a business and to serve their community.

“I own the Go Girls Pop-Up Stand. The Go Girls Pop-Up Stand sells toys, snacks and drinks,” said Brianna Winkfield, 11, owner of the Go Girls Pop-Up Stand. , we were going to make it a lemonade stand, and then we added snacks and stuff…we sell Girl Scout cookies, and that’s our best seller.”

Brianna said she recently started accepting payments through Venmo and added a delivery option.

“Our delivery bike, we use it to go up and down the streets,” Brianna said.

Each girl has a job, including that of manager, cashier and teach.

“My sister and my sister’s friend are the cashiers. And my other sister and her friend their managers,” Brianna said.

Brianna’s mother, Brittany Winkfield, said the girls get a lot of support from their neighbors.

“Because it was a new development, we had construction workers in the area, and they came to support the girls,” Winkfield said. “I think different positions really intrigued me…Brianna started out as a landlord, they started doing neighborhood interviews right here on the porch. They were doing interviews saying, you know, “What are your skills?” I thought that was the cutest thing. But then I started thinking, like, seriously, you know, as I interview myself as an adult, these are practical skills that they learn first-hand.

Winkfield said that as an entrepreneur herself, she wanted to promote her daughter’s business idea.

“I think my mission is to give it back to these girls,” Winkfield said. “We started a non-profit organization called back-2-basics and we teach basic skills, basic life skills to turn young people into responsible and productive adults. The Go Girls Pop-Up Stand is therefore a pilot program. You know, we learn as we test things, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Brianna said her goal with Go Girls Pop-Up Stand was to earn enough money to go on a girls’ trip and become really good friends with her business team.


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