The Qatar Chamber organizes a training course on the business environment


The Qatar Chamber, in cooperation with the Al-Rowad Training Center, recently organized a training workshop on developing the business environment in Qatar and measures to encourage foreign investment, especially in light of the ongoing development of the state legal business incubator.

The workshop was moderated by Dr. Abdul Rahim al-Hour who reviewed many issues including the impact of the legal and legislative incubator on the development of the business environment.
During his presentation, al-Hour pointed out that the laws and regulations developed in the working environment have led to an open labor market characterized by fair competition, noting that this will help improve the competitive working environment among businesses and create many job opportunities.
He also noted that the recruitment process in Qatar has taken advanced steps, starting with the creation of job opportunities and focusing on the religious and cultural awareness of the State of Qatar.
This, according to al-Hour, will have a positive impact on all participating parties, including the employer, the employee and the economic sector in general. He also praised the rapid technological developments observed by all state ministries and their impact on the development of the business sector.


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