A recent IdeaMensch interview with entrepreneur and fitness expert Ilija Jahura reveals the importance of personal fitness services


Ilija Jahura is pleased to announce her latest interview with digital entrepreneur magazine IdeaMensch.

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada – BC-based fitness and training professional Ilija Jahura was happy to sit down with IdeaMensch recently. In this insightful and informative interview, he discusses entrepreneurship, why he chose fitness and health, and what he does to stay productive and motivated.

IdeaMensch interviews are known for drawing out key insights into business growth and development. As an entrepreneur, Jahura has a lot to say on these topics. He discusses one of his business growth strategies, which is to simply not be shy about asking for referrals. He credits this strategy with helping him grow his initial customer base.

The same theme continues when the discussion leads to facing failure, especially shortly after launch. Jahura explains how he learned that acquiring and growing customers should have been a priority from the start. He recommends other entrepreneurs to focus on this as well.

When asked about a business idea he was willing to share, Jahura has this to say: “Think about what your community is missing – not something that is a product or service – but a real need. Then , go ahead and start a non-profit organization that fulfills this need.

Emerging entrepreneurs often look for ways to improve their own productivity. While many business owners swear by getting up early or limiting the number of decisions they make in a day, Jahura has a more philosophical approach.

He believes that any task that is easy to do is just as easy not to do. This vision serves as a kind of touchstone and leads him to reflect on the motivations of his choices. It also fits with his use of the manifestation technique to help make his goals a reality.

Along with revealing the philosophies and methods that led to his success, this interview also shows why Jahura chose this particular niche.

He is undeniably passionate about fitness and he gets results for his clients. However, his main motivation is to inspire and help people to have enough confidence in themselves to achieve their goals.

About Ilija Jahura: Entrepreneur and Fitness Expert

Ilija Jahura offers her expertise as a fitness expert and coach. He works with clients to create diet plans and provides muscle building and hypertrophy training. In his spare time, he enjoys reading about emerging fitness trends. Jahura also enjoys watching sports and spending time with family and friends.

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