Stephen King shares his unique and unusual idea for a ‘Predator’ crossover


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Stephen King is known for peppering many of his works with references and Easter eggs that nod to his own catalog, while the Predator The franchise is no stranger to crossovers of its own across movies, video games, comic books, and other forms of media. We don’t expect the two to meet anytime soon, but the legendary author has a suggestion nonetheless.

King’s business is thriving more than it’s ever been, with literally dozens of adaptations on the way for screens big and small, but the prolific writer chose to pitch a pitch to his millions of subscribers. Twitter that’s so crazy, we kind of want to see it happen for the sole reason that it would deliver an unbridled hit of unmitigated madness.

Corn Children follows a couple who find themselves in a remote Nebraska town populated entirely by children, but they are also part of a murderous cult that worships a terrifying demonic entity that allegedly lives in the local cornfields. Add an alien trophy hunter with a penchant for tracking the deadliest play, and we could be onto a winner.

Of course, King’s left-field crossover leaves us with a lot of questions. Would the Predator drive out the corn demon, or would he be revealed as the demon himself? Would scary children be friends or allies? Would it follow the broad rhythms of the history of the different Corn Children movies, or would it be a Predator filming with additional vegetation?

All of those questions remain unanswered, so let’s hope King puts pen to paper as we speak to flesh it out.


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