“Dream Up”: CO high school students learn through a game how to present a business


(Update: Added video, comments from Innovation Co-Lab Director, students)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — Several high school students from central Oregon got together Thursday morning for a chance to pitch an idea on an online game.

Katie Krummeck of Portland, the Aga Khan Foundation’s Global Innovation and Design Advisor, and her colleagues created a game called Dream Up, and students were asked to pitch business ideas around the game, which aims to identify and solve real-world problems through creativity and collaboration.

This project is a partnership between I4Education, the innovation arm of the High Desert Education Service District, OSU-Cascades Innovation Co-Lab, Krummeck and colleagues and involves the Central Oregon STEM Hub (also part of HDESD).

OSU-Cascades Innovation Co-Lab Executive Director Adam Krynicki spoke about what students are learning.

“The High Desert Education Service District, Central Oregon STEM Hub, and OSU-Cascades Co-Lab wanted to train these students in innovation,” Krynicki said. “What we did through this activity was teach them about design thinking. We also taught them how to present a business and how to start one. So it was a really great opportunity, and they didn’t only done in about two weeks.”

For the game, the trainees were separated into two teams and then had to choose a challenge. An example of a challenge would be: Imagine a better way to manage leftovers. The goal is for your team to come up with a solution for the other team.

Liam Schmitt, one of the STEM Pathways trainees, said: “A smell machine that a group was inventing and then we turned it into a fun giveaway where you put bad smells in colognes. We’re moved from that to a ‘smell machine’ that produces restaurant smells, to gain more restaurant appeal, because people smell it and want to come to the restaurant.”

Other STEM Pathway interns shared what they learned while working in this field.

Mya Oakes said: “Researching some things was a bit difficult and finding sources for some of the things we came up with. But for the most part it was pretty easy because we had all the information and we went through the game several time. .”

Ximena Lara said, “Dream Up taught me how to market our own product. We also learned that no idea is too crazy to be a product – to be like a real idea.”

Zachary Dinsmore said, “We’ve learned all kinds of things about how to learn how to present things. We’ve designed this whole slideshow and we’re learning how to present things. We’ve also designed many brands.”


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