Around the world, these are the businesses people most want to start


Small businesses around the world make the world go round.

In the United States alone, there are nearly 27 million small businesses, and they generate about 50% of our GDP, according to the Small Business Administration. They also create jobs, drive innovation, and provide women and minorities with opportunities for financial success and independence.

Globally, small and medium-sized enterprises account for around 90% of businesses and more than 50% of jobs, according to the World Bank, and in emerging economies they contribute up to 40% of GDP. The figures do not even include small informal enterprises.

What kind of businesses do people want to start? In the United States, many people want to start a cleaning business, according to an analysis of Google search terms by ZenBusiness, an online platform that provides legal and compliance services to small start-up businesses. And that’s not a bad idea – a cleaning company has low overhead and reliable demand and you can start small.

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To find the type of business people most want to start in each country, ZenBusiness used a search engine optimization tool to find the frequency of certain search terms in each country. They searched for the term “start a business” or its equivalent in each country’s most widely spoken language, then identified the relevant keywords with the highest search volume. Relevant terms, for example, might include “how to start a cleaning business” versus “how to start a cleaning business in Australia” for Australian results. Cleaning was the third most popular search in the world.

The results are inspiring and vary from country to country depending on factors such as infrastructure, business climate, economy and culture. Search related to startups in nearly a third of all countries was either for clothing, real estate or cleaning, with clothing being the most popular globally.

In North and Central America, the most common question about starting a business was the retail and e-commerce space in nearly half of the countries.

In Europe, where the top search was real estate, entrepreneurs in 16% of countries were looking to capitalize on the booming real estate market.

The diversity and variety of business aspirations around the world span sectors ranging from cosmetics and apparel to spices and software. Here are the top 10 types of businesses people most want to start:

2 Iceland real estate sh
3 cleaning sh
recycling west africa sh
5 egypt suez canal import export sh
6 coffee BRASOV, ROMANIA sh
7 costa rican sh
8 restaurant bahamas sh
9 sh software
10 Swiss transport sh
11 honduras home cooking sh
12 gothenburg sweden sh
13 spain laundry sh
14 bakery venezuela sh
15 scrap italy sh
16 samoa saloon sh
17 Brazilian Candy FEATURE SH
18 chili santiago fast food sh
19 suriname security sh
20 mongolia travel sh
21 sri lanka Kandy spices sh
22 skorea social sh
23 new zealand auckland mow sh
24 sh angola handicrafts
25 Mauritius sh
26 cape verde sh
27 morocco sh
28 nepal kathmandu sh
29 laos sh
30 Liechtenstein sh
31 pig farm solomon islands sh
armenia tourist guide sh
fashion finland sh

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