Fairfigure has launched a new online platform that educates business owners on improving their overall business credit with a suite of tools


Recently, FairFigure launched a free online platform that helps business owners better understand their finances by giving them access to real-time security alerts, funding capacity, and credit scores for their business. , as well as budgeting tools. They include information about work experiences, available records and discrepancies in our company’s database.

Knowing how to improve a business credit is an important tool since it allows to obtain the cash that the owner of the business really needs and to start the business from scratch. Increasing business credit can be difficult, especially if the business owner has no credit or has bad credit. This could make it difficult to partner with or attract investors for the business.

FairFigure’s flagship product, Fundex, determines the likelihood of a business receiving funding on a scale of 1-100. Fundex can determine your business’s revenue and growth prospects, which will provide lenders with sufficient information to perform a well-informed analysis. funding decision. Educating new business owners on how to improve overall health and solvency is Mergescore, a proud additional tool that is also trademarked.

A FairFigure spokesperson said, “We help facilitate working capital processes and business financing. FairFigure’s Fundex is the next-generation scoring model that uses machine learning data to connect small business owners to the right financial partners at the right time.

With the help of FairFigure’s machine learning technology, small businesses can estimate how much money they will need to grow before they even borrow it. The website also provides information on financial planning, strategies, capital allocation assistance and fraud prevention services.

In order to build their credit profile, FairFigure will assist new businesses by submitting their information to the office at no cost to customers. Watch the scores increase as your financial obligations are managed through the site. “The ultimate credit creation and monitoring platform website,” said one of FairFigure’s customers who used the services.

Customers can use FairFigure’s Budget Advisor feature for personal credit monitoring to get their 3 credit reports from Bureau and monitor any changes online. Users can also check if their identities are being sold on the dark web on top of that.

The FairFigure team is really looking forward to their debut. By developing new patented solutions that provide support when businesses really need it, they are happy to have revolutionized the business credit monitoring platform.

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