Stephanie reveals new gig to make money after fart pots


Following the success of her fart pot idea, 90 Day: The Single Life star Stephanie Matto announced her new dating-related gig on Instagram.

Ancient 90 day fiance Franchise star Stephanie Matto recently had a crazy money-making idea after her infamous fart pot business went viral on the internet. The 31-year-old reality star was first featured on 90 day fiancé: before 90 days and later 90 days: single life. Although Stephanie couldn’t become a fan-favorite cast member, she rose to fame through her creative yet wacky social media business ideas. Although she is famous for being a TikToker and YouTuber, it wasn’t until she became an adult star and founded the fan subscription website Unfiltrd that she really caught the attention of the masses. .


But Stephanie never really settled down with a business in her life. Over the past few years, she has worked hard and come up with outrageous methods of making money to make the most of it. The reality star turned entrepreneur went viral with her fart pot idea and made over $200,000 selling her essence to people around the world. After a health crisis, Stephanie decided to convert her fart jars to NFT and sell them on the popular Web3 marketplace, OpenSea. On Valentine’s Day 2022, she also offered fart-scented candles for $99.95 apiece.

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After taking advantage of her old fart-related ideas, the 90 day fiance the former franchisee has now invented another quick money-making system. In a recent Instagram post, Stephanie shared a photo of herself in a stunning off-white dress and wrote: “ONE very lucky person will get a one hour date with me. Offers are open NOW!” According to the popular adult star, fans should head to her Unfiltrd platform to try to meet her, but the auction only lasts for three days. She waved to fans who were dreaming of going on a date with her and added, “Here is your chance! »

Stephanie Matto 90 Day Fiancé The Single Life

While Stephanie claimed that 10% of profits would go to a non-profit organization, 90 day fiance fans have mixed reactions to his bizarre new idea. An Instagram user wrote, “Oh my God, I’m adding the escort to the list,” indirectly by taking a blow to Stephanie. Another user commented, “One more step towards prostitution…; good work!” Some of Stephanie’s loyal fans complimented her new business idea. They left positive feedback such as, “Heyyy!!! Love it!! Way to give back!” and “Yes and we can do a fitness session together!” However, many people were unsure how the date would work and what happened to the guy Stephanie was dating a few months ago.

Although Stephanie has not answered many doubts from her supporters, she will surely get a good offer. Previously, she made a lot of money for her fart pots and only stopped after she got sick. The 90 day fianceThe star will happily hang out with people for an hour, as it’s less risky and would earn her a lot more money. The only confusing part of Stephanie’s new venture is her relationship status, as she claimed she had already found her soul mate. 90 day fiance fans think her boyfriend may not like her new gig because it involves dating other people.

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