NALOBA not ready for foreign competition



The Local Business Association of Namibia (NALOBA) has refused to allow any foreign company to establish its brick manufacturing business in Okahao town.

Wan-meil Business Enterprises, jointly owned by a Namibian and Chinese national, approached city leaders with a brick-making business idea as part of the proximity of services to the people.

However, their plan may not see the light of day, as some businessmen and NALOBA are said to be opposed to the idea.

DETERMINE: Hangula Franciskus and Heng Wang, owners of Wan-meil Trading Enterprises, in a meeting. Photo: Hangula Franciskus

Business partner Hangula Franciskus told Informante that they did research before approaching the city council with the proposal. However, they are facing strong resistance from local traders.

“We want to provide affordable service to people. We are not in competition with anyone,” he said.

He added that there was no brick-making business in the town.

However, NALOBA spokesman Marius Nangolo said there are more than three companies operating the brick making business in the town.

“There are already people making bricks who have employed locals. This type of competition will only kill existing businesses and lead to job losses,” he said.

Nangolo stressed that they are not against foreign investment, but against foreigners who wish to run businesses similar to those that already exist in the region.

He added that they are not afraid of any competition, but see foreign competition as a way to kill local businesses.

Okahao general manager Junias Jakob said he approved Wan-meil Trading Enterprises’ proposal to start a brick-making business due to local demand.

He said an assessment was done and concluded two weeks ago.
“However, there is opposition from some quarters,” he said.

Jakob said the community has been consulted and an assessment has been conducted, although it wasn’t really necessary since no damage to the environment is expected.


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