Students who pitched business ideas get a platform to implement them


More than half of the top 126 Business Blasters project teams from 2021 to 2022 registered to have their business ideas developed at an incubation center set up by the Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU).

The Business Blasters program – part of the Entrepreneurship Mindset program in Delhi’s public schools – was introduced in 2021 and culminated in an investment expo in March with 126 teams shortlisted from 51,000 across all schools.

When these students initiated these projects, they were in classes XI and XII. With the former now in Class XII and the latter with their Class XII board exams, the DSEU Incubation Center is an attempt to provide a mature platform for those wishing to develop their school projects into businesses. A total of 20 Class Group XI teams have registered at the center.

The university is still in the process of enrolling students from promotion XII but 41 teams have already confirmed their desire.

“We’ve offered to incubate students who want to run their business… We’ve had time with the Class XI teams before. We did a page with preliminary research with them on things like, say, what is their market…we had one-on-one conversations with them, we engaged them with mentors – usually innovators or people from the ecosystem.

We did a two day boot camp where we did all sorts of stuff – understand finance, how to build an app, set up your website and build your persona, personal branding and product branding . So we organized sessions, with different types of people, which all the students attended,” said DSEU Vice-Chancellor Neharika Vohra.

The Class XII batch will also have a similar training camp once their registration is complete. The university is considering a two-year incubation period for these projects.

” It’s an experience. Let’s see how it goes. I’m 100% sure a lot of ideas will pivot. They will no longer be the same. They are young children, they had an idea but they have to think differently, they have no understanding of the market, etc. So they will change. There will definitely be dropouts. Some teams have been formed with 8-10 members, and that will definitely change. Overall, it’s interesting to see that some of them are very interested, they work very hard and there is a certain level of dreaming,” Vohra said.


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