“I don’t buy into the idea of ​​loyalty when it comes to business…Why is it up to Kevin Durant to hold it all together?”


Kevin Durant shocked the world by apparently asking to be traded from the Brooklyn Nets. While many have called him out for leaving the franchise, analyst Joy Taylor sees no problem with his choice.

No one suspected that Durant would soon be leaving the Nets. Since their elimination in the first round of the 2022 playoffs, the focus has been on Kyrie Irving, who is due for a contract extension.

Reports revealed that the Nets and Irving were struggling to get along. This prompted KD to say he will be monitoring the situation to see how things go.

With Irving opting for his player option for next season, many believed the duo would revive him. Despite Irving’s decision to participate, KD wants out.

In “The Herd with Colin Cowherd”, Taylor said she felt no blame was due to Durant, saying it was all doomed from the start:

“I support mobility. I have moved. I have no problem with people trying to elevate their careers. I have no problem with people making decisions to get out of bad situations if they feel like it’s not serving them. And I don’t’ don’t accept the idea of ​​loyalty when it comes to business.”

She further explained her point of view, so as not to be deceived by fans loyal to their teams:

“That’s what Kevin Durant does for a living. And if he’s not happy with Brooklyn, if he’s not happy with the way Brooklyn has handled things, if he’s not happy with how Brooklyn handled Kyrie, or for any other reason he wants out of Brooklyn, I don’t mind.

“I don’t see Brooklyn as a place that has a culture, and at this point a future. So I’m completely on Kevin Durant’s side. The other part of it is he’s been the only stable thing in Brooklyn. .”

After highlighting how Irving and James Harden left the team, she continued:

“Why is it up to Kevin Durant to hold this all together? … It was pretty much doomed from the start when you really think about the structure of the organization and how it all came together. past.”

.@JoyTaylorTalks doesn’t blame Kevin Durant for wanting out: “He’s been the only stable thing in Brooklyn… It was pretty much doomed from the start.” https://t.co/z3SCRBwbEN

Durant spent three years with the Nets but only played two years. In his freshman season, he nursed the Achilles tendon injury he suffered while playing for the Golden State Warriors in the 2019 NBA Finals.

Where could Kevin Durant land if he was traded?

Kyrie Irving, left, and Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets
Kyrie Irving, left, and Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets

The NBA community continued to offer opinions on potential landing spots for Durant. However, not much is known at this point.

It has been reported that Durant and Irving would still like to play together, but away from Brooklyn. That puts the LA Lakers as the best prospect, as Brian Windhorst said they could pursue that distant possibility out of desperation.

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During this time, Durant has also been linked to the Phoenix Suns. Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes reports that the two-time NBA champion has listed the Suns as his favorite trade destination.

Kevin Durant has Phoenix Suns listed as favorite trade destination, league sources say @YahooSports.

While there’s a chance that KD and Irving will play together in Los Angeles, Windhorst thinks it’s highly unlikely. However, he said Irving joining the Lakers was a possibility.

Durant is an elite goalscorer, which makes any team he joins automatic championship contenders. The four-time champion averaged 29.9 points, 7.4 rebounds and 6.4 assists while shooting 51.8 percent last season.

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