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Making it one of the first virtual LED wall production training academies to achieve such status, Final Pixel Academy has been awarded Unreal Engine Authorized Training Partner certification by Epic Games.
The Unreal Authorized Training Partner Program supports those who engage in what is considered high level Unreal Engine training. Final Pixel Academy courses – which include many virtual and in-person training course options for different levels of professionals, from entry-level to professional development courses – are recognized as Unreal Authorized Training Centers by Epic Games.

The courses offered are taught by certified Unreal Engine trainers who teach the latest knowledge of Unreal Engine tools and techniques for producing virtual productions on set.

The Final Pixel Academy is a growing global academy that offers courses at all levels of the virtual production workflow, including creating Unreal environments optimized for virtual production and teaching the skills necessary for a production team virtual on set.

The skills-based program builds on the workflow learnings and on-set experiences that Final Pixel has gained from pioneering Mandalorian-style virtual production and multiple end-to-end large-scale shoots, including projects for the BBC, Discovery, Disney/ABC and Shutterstock.

Commenting on the status award, Michael McKenna, CEO of Final pixelsaid: “Unreal Engine is at the heart of our virtual production process, and we are delighted to have been recognized by Epic Games for providing high-level Unreal Engine training in our virtual production courses. This certification helps people looking for virtual production training courses to understand that they will be trained in the latest techniques by virtual production experts who use technology every day and attract talent to be at the forefront of innovation. in virtual production.


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