25 Best Shark Tank Episodes Ranked


Many businesses are created when someone sees a problem that needs to be solved and no one else has solved it yet. In some cases, what one person sees as a “problem” worth buying a product to fix, others see it as a complete joke. That’s what happened when Dr. Floyd Seskin – yes, a real doctor – walked into the tank and presented a solution to what he saw as a problem that needed to be solved and that made people laugh. sharks.

Seskin was trying to strike a deal for a product called UroClub, which was a portable urinal that golfers took to the course with them when nature called and the nearest restroom was far away at the clubhouse. Although none of the regular sharks even claimed to take UroClub seriously as a legitimate business, they were nonetheless amused by the product and by Seskin himself. However, guest shark Kevin Harrington surprised the rest of the panel when he made Seskin an offer, which Seskin wisely accepted.

That said, as often happens, Harrington and Seskin were ultimately unable to finalize their deal – although the UroClub did well and continued to sell through Amazon, Wal-Mart and other major retailers for a while. time.


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