Telangana BJP chief says ‘Madrasas training center for bomb blasts’, netizens furious


Telangana State Bharatiya Janata Party chairman Bandi Sanjay Kumar has said that if he comes to power in the state, his party would abolish the reserve for minority communities and benefit Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and other communities.

Moreover, he vowed to fight against religious conversions and “to love Jihad”. In his statement, he also mentioned that he would not tolerate poor Hindus being forced to change their religion forcefully and referred to himself saying, “Bandi Sanjay will not tolerate this”.

“Atrocities against Hindus under the rule of the Nizam”

In a controversial statement, he also mentioned that the Party would ensure that those who work for “the love of Jihad” have a taste for lathis. While addressing the ‘Hindu Ekta Yatra’ on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, he said: ‘Should we shut up if my sisters are tricked and deceived in the name of ‘love jihad’, News18 reported.

While referring to ‘Kashmir Files’, he said that ‘Razakar Files’ will soon open the eyes of pseudo-secularists to the atrocities committed against the Hindu community by the Razakars during Nizam’s rule.

Internet users furious at controversial statements

Moreover, he also referenced the ongoing Gyanvapi controversy. He challenged the Owaisis of AIMIM to dig up the mosques and hand them over to the Hindus if any evidence of a ‘Shivlinga’ was found there. Sanjay said that when his party comes to power in Telangana, madrasas will be banned as they propagate illegal activities. Well known for his views on Hindutva, Sanjay stressed that the Party would abolish minority reservations. Instead, it would benefit the SCs, STs, backward classes and the poor among the upper castes.

Netizens were furious with Bandi Sanjay’s statements, with many pointing out that instead of talking about development and science, politicians are focusing on religion-based speeches. In contrast, others have pointed to the origin of Urdu in India and called it a sister language to Hindi due to similar grammatical usage.

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