Vodafone Idea now offers mobile call recording solution


Call recording is an important aspect for many individuals as well as businesses. To bring something better than the traditional system, Vodafone Idea (Vi) now offers companies/businesses a “Mobile Call Recording Solution”. The solution is offered by the telecommunications operator under “Vi Business” (B2B branch of Vodafone Idea).

Traditional systems of record have often posed challenges and problems for the business. To address these challenges, Vi now offers its own mobile call recording solution for businesses. With this solution, businesses will no longer have to worry about upgrading their own call recording system hardware, moving data (file transfers) that might be full of errors, and more. involving huge costs.

Let’s take a look at Vi’s mobile call recording solution and how it can bring unique benefits to your business.

Key Features of Vodafone Idea Mobile Call Recording Solution

First of all, the solution provided by Vi is highly secure and reliable (claims the company). To top it off, Vi promises a 100% guarantee that its solution will completely record all calls. With this solution, mobile call recordings can be automated and real-time transfer of recorded calls can be ensured.

Moreover, the deployment of the solution is fast from Vi and can be done in a few days. Finally, there is minimal or no reliance on a wired system for the solution to work effectively.

Vi Business said that with this solution, business teams can enjoy anytime, anywhere access, ensuring business continuity even in difficult times. Since it works on an OpEx-based model, companies do not need to make any upfront investments.

For the sake of quality, your company can record all incoming and outgoing calls. The company said it offers stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which ensure businesses can operate without worrying about the services they purchase from Vi.

Note that all features and benefits described above are claims of the company and not of TelecomTalk or any of Vi Business’ customers.


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