RS Sailing’s top 10 tips to prepare your training fleet for the start of the summer season!


RS Sailing’s top 10 tips to prepare your training fleet for the start of the summer season!

by RS Sailing May 24 08:26 PDT

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The season is starting and as always, it is essential to spend some time rigging your boat and getting it sailing before your customers and students arrive at your Sailing Club or Training Center.

Take the time to blow away all the cobwebs from last season and point out any issues that may be preventing your team or volunteers from maximizing their session time on the water this summer.

Here are our top 10 things to check before hitting the water this season!

  1. Cart

    Most damage to a sailboat is the result of improper maintenance of its carriage. Check that all padding and rubber are in place, so your boat does not squeak on the dolly.

  2. Trolley wheels

    Give them a good look. Pushing a boat with flat tires is far from ideal. Make sure they are in good condition before you go out on the water so you can order spares in time.

  3. Kicker

    This is often the main control for small dinghies. These ropes and blocks will take a lot of wear and tear. Give them a good check to make sure there’s no fraying, make sure the blocks are in good working order so the kicker has a full range of motion, and replace the rope if necessary.

  4. Rivets

    The unsung hero of spars – so often we forget those little bits of metal that do all the work to keep our spars running. But it’s time you gave them some love to make sure everything is well maintained. Over time, water can corrode your mast/boom, leaving it weak and vulnerable to breakage. It’s best to find them before you end up with a two-section boom!

  5. Cleats with keys

    Check that your mainsail and jib halyard and sheet cleats are not frayed. Similar to the kicker, they get a lot of wear and tear, so it’s important to keep an eye on them!

  6. Reef systems

    Nothing says get out of jail without a card like a reefing system. An essential drive system on any boat, it’s definitely worth making sure it’s running smoothly and smoothly. On a windy day, when the chips are down, you’ll thank yourself.

  7. Jib furling line

    Being able to furl your jib is essential in teaching people to sail in a controlled environment. Most importantly, communicating in a calm environment without the jib flutter helps your sailors focus and succeed.

  8. Tiller handle universal joint

    It may feel like it’s only wearing slightly, but it can break suddenly. It’s best to check and repair a helm extension seal as soon as it starts to show signs of wear so you don’t break it while you’re boating.

  9. bungs

    Avoid awkward moments, always check your drain!

  10. Clean your boats

    With the obvious benefits of having your boats in good condition, prevent foreign species from invading the water sources you cruise in by keeping your boats perfectly clean. Above all, dirt and grime can hide areas of your boat that could be damaged. Keeping your boats clean will allow you to see if anything breaks and ensure your clients or students have the best experience.

The customer service team of RS Sailing are always on hand to help you with advice or spare parts, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We wish you a fantastic summer on the water in your sailing club or training center!


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