From Trump’s bigotry to French racism, clashes with black leaders have a long history across the Atlantic


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    From Trump’s bigotry to French racism, clashes with black leaders have a long history across the Atlantic


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For decades, some business and political leaders in France have doctored overtly racist tropes, including attacks on immigrants and black American culture that intersect with themes that Donald Trump and some right-wing groups in the United States have pushed. The overlap includes enduring support for the far-right “National Rally” party, political discourse on “replacement theory,” and the contemptuous attitude of French luxury brand executives toward black American artists who embrace their products. When an executive behind Cristal harshly dismissed interest in the brand among American rappers more than a decade ago, it unwittingly sparked a backlash. The incident led to boycotts and new competition that upended the often cloistered European spirits industry. MSNBC anchor Ari Melber explains how this clash led to new ventures, including Jay-Z competing with Cristal by launching Ace of Spades after working with Sovereign Brands CEO Brett Berish, an American entrepreneur who has created new brands of spirits by partnering with a wide range. artists, rappers and entrepreneurs. Melber discusses the history and state of the industry, drawing on a longer “Summit Series” interview with Berish. The segment also mentions a lighthearted MSNBC interview that brings up analyst Bill Kristol’s nickname and briefly praises the past boycott.


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