The Chamber aims to create opportunities for Francophone entrepreneurs in the North


Cameron Grant re-elected to the Federation of Francophone Businesspeople of Ontario

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A senior administrator from the Chamber of Timmins was re-elected to a provincial organization that represents Francophone entrepreneurs in Ontario.

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Cameron Grant, senior policy analyst at the Timmins Chamber, said he will continue to seek to create unique opportunities for French-speaking business owners and operators in Timmins after being re-elected to the Fédération des gens d’affaires francophones. of Ontario (FGA ).

Timmins Chamber Speaker Rob Knox said, “Associating with the FGA is a natural fit for the Chamber, as it is our role to advocate and represent the interests of our supporters and members, especially those who may find themselves under-represented on the provincial scene.

“Since working with the FGA, the Chamber has had access to greater understanding and resources for our French business leaders and an opportunity to lobby the provincial government through new channels, which will benefit our entire business community.

Created in 2021 to bring together, represent and advance the social and economic interests of member Francophone businesses and associations, the FGA works with different levels of government, business partners and the general public through the development of policies based on principles, ingenious business services and innovations. activities to amplify the development of Francophone business markets.

Knox said some of the benefits Timmins businesses can enjoy from partnering with FGA include:

• Support for business creation;

• Obtaining public contracts;

• Opportunities to become a mentor or mentee through a provincial network of professionals;

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• An ecosystem of business incubators to support start-up Francophone businesses in Ontario through Inkubo; and

• Exclusive access to a free business center for entrepreneurs needing to do business in Toronto.

Dominic Mailloux, President of the FGA, declared: “At the end of our first year of existence, we are proud of what the Fédération des gens d’affaires francophones de l’Ontario has accomplished and I would like to warmly congratulate the directors who have just been elected or re-elected.

“We are particularly pleased that Cameron Grant has agreed to renew his term on the Board of Directors for the next two years. Since the beginning of our organization in January 2021, Cameron’s expertise and unwavering commitment to Francophone communities and the economic development of businesses located in the North of our province have proven invaluable in advancing our mandate.

“We are fortunate to have the support of Cameron and the Timmins Chamber of Commerce to work together to ensure the prosperity and vitality of our local and provincial economy.

Chamber members are invited to visit the website to learn more about the FGA.


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