North Augusta woman opens her ‘Posh Little Picnic’ business – an idea that started during the pandemic


NORTH AUGUSTA, SC. (WJBF)- What started as a hobby – decorating events with friends – Denise Vasquez has grown into her own business.

“I want it to be more than just paper plates, like a typical picnic with a blanket. I want it to be more, you know, ‘chic’ for people,” owner Denise Vazquez said.

She said she had always been the creator of her group of friends. But, when the pandemic hit, Vasquez wanted to find a way to keep people coming together.

“We had to focus on smaller groups of people and I decided I really wanted to do something where we could still get together, because you know, it took away a lot of the events that we were used to.”

Another motivation behind the pening was her best friend who encouraged Vasquez to start the business.

“She was going to get married, have a baby, so we had all those events to cover. But I love organizing events.

Vasquez has always been the go-to for birthdays, parties, and any kind of special occasion — now she can add a picnic to that list.

“To make special occasions because there’s not a lot here – in the area we have – and that’s for everyone. They literally come, you head to a different setting; I have seven different settings, you can choose the one you like. If you would like a custom setting, I can also do this for your birthday, anniversary, and even engagement. »

Her website, Posh Little Picnic, has more details.


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