Online grocer launches private label to ease supply chain concerns


A popular online grocery platform is launching its first-ever private label of leading pantry products as the country grapples with lingering supply chain issues and inefficiencies.

Misfits Market, known for its focus on accessibility, affordability and sustainability, launched “Odds & Ends” on Wednesday, April 13, representing the company’s first private label of items.

Odds & Ends includes food staples such as coffee, nuts, dried fruit and dark chocolate covered mini pretzels and was designed to solve supply chain challenges by working directly with farmers and others sources of their products.

According to Misfits Market, “By working directly with farmers and growers who share the company’s vision of eliminating waste, (the company) is taking new steps to prioritize sustainability and employ waste management methods. creative sourcing to deliver high quality commodities at value”.

Officials noted that consumer prices have risen 8.5% over the past year as food prices hit their highest level in a decade, leaving some shoppers looking for ways to cut costs and d saving money during the pandemic.

They said that as Misfits Market’s private label grows, the company will look for other ways to offer quality at a great price, “whether that means sourcing products from from lesser-known regions, recycling uneven or misshapen foods into new products or blends, or working with producers to use more creative and sustainable practices and packaging.

Misfits Market founder and CEO Abhi Ramesh said the move comes after a “record quarter” for his company.

“Three years ago, Misfits Market set out to rebuild the food supply chain from the ground up to provide everyone, no matter where they live, with access to quality food at an affordable price” , he said in a statement.

“After a record quarter, it’s clear shoppers are looking for new ways to save, especially with food prices at record highs,” Ramesh continued. “Our value-conscious customers save an average of $25 per order and with the launch of our new line of private label products, we are excited to offer our customers an even wider range of affordable, sourced food staples. from sustainable sources.

Misfits Market is dedicated to making affordable, high-quality food more accessible while helping to break the cycle of food waste by working directly with farmers and manufacturers to save organic produce and other grocery items that might otherwise go to waste. , then deliver them to customers. lower cost doors.

Company officials said the company enables consumers to benefit, as well as farmers, while helping to prevent food waste and benefiting the environment.

According to the company, almost a third of what is grown in the United States is never harvested because it does not meet the “shallow standards” of a traditional grocery store.

“Because we work closely with farmers and food manufacturers, we know how much food is going to be wasted every day,” they said. “And yet, there are millions of food-insecure households in the United States.”

They noted that, in the same way that they partner with farmers, Misfits Market also works with food manufacturers to reduce their waste by taking care of their excess inventory, ranging from excess packaging to expired packaging, including by short-term items with an upcoming “sale-by” date.

“By committing to fight food waste, we’ve opened up a new way to make healthy, quality food more affordable for more people,” officials said. “We don’t do it alone, however. Our direct relationships with organic farmers and sustainability-minded manufacturers play an important role.”

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