Startup company PedalStart raises new funding from AngelBay


PedalStart, a platform-agnostic, community-based startup accelerator, launched a strategy cycle led by AngelBay.

Over the next 12 months, the company will aim to use these funds to onboard the core team and develop technology with the goal of growing this community to 5,000 startup enthusiasts. Investment platforms such as Faad Network and KapTable, a secondary market for startup stocks, were also part of the round, he said in a press release.

Manas Pal, co-founder of PedalStart commented: “Every startup’s journey is difficult. At PedalStart, we try to make it as easy as possible by solving 2 major problems of any startup: initial advice and funds. We support founders right from ideation, take ownership and give weekly 1-on-1 brainstorming calls with select ex-entrepreneurs. Throughout their journey, we connect them with experts in the field and founders of successful startups to build their business under the right guidance. Once the startup reaches the POC/MVP stage, we connect it with some of the angel investors and Micro VCs for initial fundraising.

Aditya Darolia, co-founder of PedalStart, said, “Every day we interact with 10-11 budding founders with unique ideas. The ideas are plentiful, but the founders lack proper approach and execution skills. Thus, we have built our platform around the founders where we support them with a basic understanding to dive deep into entrepreneurship and other verticals like business, operations, sales, marketing, technology , products, customer experience, finances, etc. With this content creation and right approach, we want to bridge the gap between idea constructions and business idea implementation. The investment from AngelBay, Faad and Kaptable will provide us with a mature ecosystem of late-stage startups and 1000+ investors, which will accelerate our multifaceted growth.

Sorabh Agarwal, co-founder of AngelBay, said, “With a strategic stake in PedalStart, we would be able to follow the founders early on, which will give us confidence to invest in these startups at an earlier stage than we do. would normally have invested. »

Dr. Dinesh Singh, co-founder of Faad Network, said, “PedalStart is actively contributing to the ecosystem with their passion and a strong team of expert panels they have added in various fields. We want to advance our goals of helping more startups with them.

With a vision to empower early-stage startup founders on their journey, PedalStart, connects and works with over 200 startup founders, solving the real-world problem statement and some standard ecosystem patterns, a-t -he declares.

Posted: Wednesday 06 April 2022, 13:09 IST


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