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We’re already well into 2022 and if the term “proptech” still hasn’t entered your lexicon, it’s time it did. Property + Technology is the new combination that is driving untold innovations in the commercial real estate market. And the data and statistics are beginning to reveal its impact on finding the perfect space.

Did you know that nearly 90% of all commercial tenants are looking for space online? Regardless of the category – industrial, retail, traditional office or coworking space, tenants quickly adapt to the convenience of a Zillow-like equivalent in the commercial market. Like in almost every other industry, customers want a streamlined experience, where magic can happen instantly with just a few mouse clicks. Now, companies like TenantBase are playing a vital role in improving the experience of the modern tenant.

TenantBase is the developer of a technology-enabled online marketplace. Their digital platform uses online and app-based technology to bring together both supply and demand for commercial real estate information in one convenient place. Available space. Lists of owners. And broker connectivity. All combined, it gives the end user the tools to enter precise search parameters to find the perfect fit. And once that perfect fit has been located, you can access another benefit without disconnecting: the ability to be connected immediately with a local brokerage firm to handle all transactional needs.

It’s no secret that the commercial real estate industry is far behind other sectors that have long adapted to on-demand business models. We used to call Yellow Cabs until Uber arrived on the scene. We used to pick up our own food deliveries until DoorDash became a thing.

And we used to get in our vehicles and drive around looking for commercial real estate billboards, just so we could jot down a name and number to contact later.

Traditional methods of finding and signing a commercial lease used to be a six to 12 month process, but TenantBase’s seamless online marketplace functionality has reduced that time to just 45 to 60 days.

Florida is booming – with around a thousand new residents pouring into the state a day. Things are about to get a lot more competitive. And as a new commercial tenant looking to find a suitable space for your employees, you need a solution that will give you an edge. You may not have expected convenience to be at the top of the list when describing your future business research. But everything is at your disposal. You just have to kiss her. Get started today and see what’s possible at


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