Employee of four bankrupt companies now earns $45,000 a month from crystal-infused water bottles


Entrepreneur Yuka Tsunashima has tried and failed at four business ventures in the span of two years.

So when she came up with a niche idea, she was committed to making it work.

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“I was determined to make a living without being [traditionally] employee”, says Yuka 7life.

In 2018, Yuka was a marketing manager for a Sydney company, earning $45,000 a year.

While juggling her nine-to-five office job, she identified a gap in the “crystal elixir” market – a concept of drinking water in bottles containing crystals.

The properties of the crystals are said to “cleanse” the water with positive energy through their “vibrational frequency”.

Yuka created her own brand of crystal-infused water bottles, called Aura Bottle.

Yuka Tsunashima failed four ventures before creating Aura Bottle. Credit: Yuka Tsunashima

Fast forward over three years, she now earns as much in a month as she earned in a year.

“It’s my milestone to earn $45,000 a month because that was my annual salary in my marketing job,” she says.

Failed business ventures

Before stumbling upon the idea of ​​a crystal bottle, Japanese-born Yuka tried to create a Japanese food discovery app in early 2017 as a “side hustle.”

When the app didn’t work, she launched three e-commerce businesses.

Yuka discovered the concept of
Yuka discovered the concept of “Crystal Elixir” – a practice of drinking water infused with crystals. Credit: Yuka Tsunashima

They included “dropshipping” which involves shipping products from the manufacturer directly to the customer without the supplier seeing it.

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“I tried selling T-shirts in my first store, and I also tried two other dropshipping stores,” she said.

“I gave up because I was having trouble making consistent sales and I picked the wrong industry.

“I wasn’t passionate enough to continue.”

As she took the time to think about her business ideas, her mother helped her find her niche.

“She reminded me to focus on what I love,” she says.

Find your niche

The first thing that came to mind was crystals.

“I’ve loved crystals since I was little – my grandmother gave me a jade and I wore it around my neck at school,” she says.

One of his greatest accomplishments by far has been working with major retail brands like Seed Heritage.
One of his greatest accomplishments by far has been working with major retail brands like Seed Heritage. Credit: Yuka Tsunashima

After moving to Australia in 2006, at the age of 11, Yuka suffered from anxiety trying to adapt to a different culture and language.

During her teenage years, she claims to have noticed that the crystals reduced her anxiety, tension and stress.

“Crystals are beautiful reminders and tools for you to balance your energy, practice healing, and manifest a life you feel happy about,” she says.

“To keep my feet on the ground, I started practicing self-care and self-development which became my passions.”

“The Crystal Elixir”

Yuka came across the concept of crystal elixir – a practice of drinking water infused with crystals.

Crystal lovers believe that the properties of gemstones “energize” water.

“I fell in love with the idea because it was very new at the time and it was something I would really like to use in my everyday life,” she says.

“My gut knew others would like it too.”

Yuka needed to create a brand that people liked.

“I just dived”

She invested $5,000 in starting the business with just a laptop in her apartment.

“I had no business experience. I just dived,” she said.

Instead of quitting her job at the company, she attended the office full-time before returning home to work at her company.

“So I would come home from work, have dinner and work another seven hours on the business every night and weekends,” she said.

Yuka pictured receiving a ton of stock in 2021.
Yuka pictured receiving a ton of stock in 2021. Credit: Yuka Tsunashima

The Yuka brand generated $647.20 on its first day of launch in November 2018.

In 10 months, she had handed over $100,000.

“I was writing every address label and packing with my mom until we bought a printer with our profits,” says Yuka.

“My stock was everywhere, in my bedroom, in the kitchen and in the hallway.”

Eventually, she quit her full-time marketing job when her business was bringing in “a few hundred dollars a day.”

“However, I took on another casual job, so I had a safety net,” she said.

Within 10 months of launching her brand, she had sales of $100,000.
Within 10 months of launching her brand, she had sales of $100,000. Credit: Yuka Tsunashima

As his business started, the brand constantly sold bottled water.

“I couldn’t hold the stock, which constantly interrupted my momentum,” she said.

“It is difficult to predict the volume of sales because some opportunities can arise out of nowhere.

“Once we started receiving inventory consistently, we gained momentum and our performance increased more than ever.”

During COVID, she saw a huge boost in sales when she started documenting videos of her business on TikTok.

A clip has reached over 13 million views.

How Crystals Work

Yuka claims that the crystals are very popular around the world due to their “powerful healing power”.

“Their main goal is to cleanse and energize you with the healing benefits of crystals from within,” she claims.

“When a crystal is placed with or near water, the water energetically absorbs the vibrational frequency of the crystal.”

Its bottles, which cost between $88 and $99 each, contain crystals that are safe to drink.

She says her crystals score above seven on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, a chart that measures a gemstone’s resistance to damage when exposed to wear.

“The bottle is a tool that allows you to practice self-care and mindfulness,” she says.

“According to our customers, the beautiful bottle encourages them to drink water more often, and just having it with them improves their mood.”

Its bottles, which cost between $88 and $99 each, contain crystals that are safe to drink.
Its bottles, which cost between $88 and $99 each, contain crystals that are safe to drink. Credit: Yuka Tsunashima

One of his greatest accomplishments is working with major retail brands such as Mimco and Seed Heritage.

“It was really, really rewarding to see our bottles stocked in their stores,” she says.

“It proved to me that what we’ve built is real and is actually valued in this world.

“It’s kind of like raising your baby – he does amazing things growing up and you’re so proud of that.”

“My business idea didn’t work when I was looking for success, only when I followed my passions.”

Stay authentic

Her brand now generates up to $45,000 in revenue per month through online and wholesale sales.

“The biggest day we’ve had is $4,134,” she says.

Yuka has some tips for anyone looking to start a business.

“To build a meaningful brand, it’s so important to work on your self-awareness,” she said.

“Stay authentic, use your strengths to your advantage, and network with like-minded people.

“When you think you’re almost ready, it’s time to give it a try.

“You will learn a lot as you go.”


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