Hold To Earn Announces Think Tank Token, Aims To Reshape Rewards Industry


LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / March 1, 2022 / The team at hold to wina blockchain-based project that aims to bring better revenue to users through multiple revenue streams, is pleased to announce the introduction of its think token to the market.

Hold To Earn rewards token holders for keeping the token in their wallet. The project also allows users to generate income from rents and owning real estate.

The $H2E token

Hold To Earn has a BEP20 token with the symbol “$H2E”. The token is built on the Binance network and has a total circulating supply of 1,000,000. $H2E is the first think token with real utility in the blockchain space.

The token introduces holders to next-gen concepts such as keep-to-win, participation rewards, and more. Its driving force is to create a platform where users can freely use their assets in a secure environment.

Multiple ways to earn in the draft

Hold To Earn is a crypto project that allows users to generate income by holding the token in their wallet.

Other ways to generate income include:

  • Earn rents from real estate investment.
  • 7% USDT reflections split among token holders.
  • Stake $H2E in a liquidity pool to earn high APY in USDT.
  • Launch a business in the launch pad.

Audited by Interfi

Hold To Earn has been audited and certified by Interfi, one of the most reputable audit firms in the crypto space.

Launch pad idea

If you have a business idea but can’t afford to execute your idea, Hold To Earn will introduce an innovative Launchpad in Q4, which aims to allow users to raise funds to execute their business ideas. Hold To Earn will also help startups with marketing strategies, product development, and partnerships.

And to do so, users will need to submit a business proposal to the team for review. If the proposal is good enough, it will be presented to the community for approval. Then the community will choose a proposal to launch. A percentage of the revenue generated by this project will be allocated to H2E and then distributed to USDT token holders.

About Hold To Earn

Hold To Earn is the first passive income scheme of its kind filled with real-world assets. The project model is simple: buy and hold $H2E and generate income regularly through four different income streams. Hold To Earn’s mission is to open up multiple revenue streams to earn money from real estate, staking $H2E, Project Launchpad, and a 7% USDT reward among token holders.

Hold To Earn features a strong team of highly talented and experienced people in building successful businesses in different spheres. The team includes Elvipo, who is the marketing manager, having enjoyed great success in recent years.

Founder: @lewisamon
Co-founder: @Lorenzosantt
Marketing Manager : @Elvipo
Contract development: @anoopsafudeveloper

Social networks:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/holdtoearn
Telegram: https://t.me/holdtoearn

Media details:

Company Name: HoldToEarn
Contact Name: El Vipo
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: http://hold2earn.org/

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