Do you want to work and live in Canada? Here are the best plans for immigration in 2022 right now


the Government of Canada This is intended to extend from 2022 to 320,000 to 420,000 permanent residents thanks to its various immigration programs. In this sense, the administration of Justin Trudeau plans to recruit Foreign talents Support the country’s post-epidemic economic recovery.

In the following lines we tell you all the information you need to know 10 immigration programs For Works and lives in CanadaCOVID-19 is one of the safest countries for infections, according to a Deep Knowledge Group study.

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10 immigration plans to work and live in Canada by 2022

1. Incentives in the National Employment Service

One way to send workers to Canada is through an alliance with the Mexican government. Jobs available include farmers, welders, mechanics, lab workers, accountants, and many more.

Vacancies can be reviewed through the official Employment Portal, You will have the opportunity to monitor working conditions.

2. Work in the field with PTAT

The Mexican government’s Temporary Agricultural Worker Program (PTAT) allows its citizens to work temporarily in Canada. In this sense, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare is responsible for the recruitment, selection and assignment of agricultural workers of the PTAT.

The stay is renewable up to eight months and you can work with fruits, vegetables, tobacco or greenhouses. In addition, the numbers where you can get more information are: 1-888-403-9055 (from Canada) during office hours.


  • Citizens who work in the fields, those who are engaged in daily wages or agriculture
  • Must be between 22 and 45 years old
  • Minimum education in 3rd year of primary and 1st secondary
  • Man or woman with children and family
  • Singles who prove the existence of an economic bias
  • To live in the countryside.

3. Call to live and work in Canada

To show Quebec World Days, With the support of the Canadian government, it aims to promote the economic growth of Quebec City by attracting foreign talent in various industries.

To apply, you must create a profile, select your preferred positions and send your application to the following web address before January 24, 2022:

Companies with more jobs:

  • Management
  • Hospitality and hospitality
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing and fabrication
  • Audiovisual product
  • Health
  • computer science
  • Traffic and dynamics.

4. Express entry

It is an organization that manages applications for employment and permanent residence in Canada. Highly skilled foreign talent can apply for work through offers in a Canadian affiliated company Job Contest Y Job Bank.

You must first create a profile at the following web address: You will take your language exams and academic assessments and upload your resume.

5. L Provincial nomination scheme

The Provincial Recruitment Program (PNP) is a system that seeks out foreign workers who have the capacity, education and work experience necessary to contribute to the economic development of Canadian provinces.

Likewise, students, professionals and entrepreneurs can register. On the other hand, keep in mind that each province has specific requirements to participate in the program and allow your permanent residence to legally live in Canada.

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6. Initial visa

The program targets expatriate entrepreneurs with the skills and ability to set up businesses in Canada. One of the key requirements is that your business model be innovative and profitable to create jobs for Canadian citizens.

Also, remember that in order to apply for a start-up visa, your business must have the support of one or more designated businesses:

  • Venture capital funds
  • Angel investor groups
  • Business incubators.

7. Atlantic Immigration Program

The system aims to provide permanent residence to skilled foreign workers and international graduates who wish to work and live in one of Canada’s four Atlantic provinces.

8. Skilled workers selected by Quebec

Quebec is one of the Canadian provinces that selects its own skilled workers. In general, this requires some additional prerequisites, such as mastering the French language.

9. Family reunification

This system allows parents of Canadian citizens to receive financial assistance and obtain permanent residence in Canada. The program covers spouses, children (under 21), parents and grandparents.

10. International experience in Canada

Young people from countries that have contracted with Canada can access employment or vocational training through programs such as vacations, young professionals and international cooperatives.

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