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This week, as the Department of Education announced the hiring of “attendance counselors” to tackle the high rates of persistent absence, Your revealed that Ofsted had turned down one in three of the principals’ requests to postpone inspections due to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, geography professor Mark Enser emphasized the importance of thinking about sourdough when sequencing a program, and Your examined whether or not stirred toys had educational utility in the classroom.

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The education ministry is sending “attendance counselors” to local authorities and schools with high persistent absence rates from next week.

Ofsted has rejected around a third of schools’ requests to postpone inspections this quarter due to the Covid-19 disruption, Your can reveal.

More than three in four school staff have experienced work-related symptoms of poor mental health in the past year.

Major concerns about the lack of time for mentoring in schools – and its impact on teacher training placements – have been revealed in a new survey.

The proposed timetable for re-accreditation of teacher training centers by next September discriminates against school providers and should be “scrapped”, warned an industry leader.


Choppy spinners are no longer making the headlines, but the trend for this type of toy continues, with students claiming they help sharpen their attention. Kate Parker is looking to see if these toys can become tools for concentration in the classroom.

The sequencing of the curriculum avoids teaching siled topics – and here’s how to do it, says Mark Enser.

It’s time to put student welfare at the center of uniformity policies, says this guide, which explains how to embed a truly inclusive approach.

Involving children in abstract speeches in class can help develop a larger vocabulary, writes Amber Muhinyi.

We have all known impostor syndrome – if left unchecked it can be very damaging. Here, a leader shares how she beats him.

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