ITBP introduces “modern search and rescue” technique into training module


By Rajnish Singh |
October 29, 2021 4:05 PM STI

New Delhi [India], Oct 29 (ANI): The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) introduced a “modern search and rescue operation” technique in their updated training module.
ITBP Inspector General (Training) IS Duhan told ANI: “The aim of modern rescue training is to allow our troops to take as little time as possible during the rescue operation. in the event of an incident. “
The officer mentioned that the movement is adopted given the role of ITBP as the first responder whenever there is a disaster in the Himalayan range.
“Modern search and rescue technique is adopted in the training of ITBP troops. We have successfully adopted this new technique on numerous occasions,” Duhan said on the sidelines of an event hosted by the ITBP. ITBP at the National Police Memorial.
In addition, the officer said, we have placed emphasis on training in electronic office and surveillance equipment based on the equipment that we purchase from the central government. Our goal is to train all troops in the handling of surveillance equipment. “
“Modern search and rescue training and training in surveillance equipment are provided to a few groups at a training center based in Madhya Pradesh. Trainers from the training institute have been trained in other institutions. These trainers provided training to our jawans, ”added Duhan.
The officer said these new training modules will help the ITBP deal with the different situations it faces during its deployment which covers from Ladakh to Arunachal.
Asked how the ITBP is changing its training program, Duhan said: “Every year we change our training program after having a conference where we hear the suggestions given by the commanders in the field. “
“We have also set up a Research and Development team which proposes changes taking into account recent training modules adopted abroad. In accordance with the unanimous decision, new developments are being implemented in the sectors.
Currently, the officer clarified, “we have no problem and are able to face any challenge at any time or any duty provided by the central government.
The ITBP also offers mountaineering, rock climbing, Himalayan ranger, survival and skiing lessons to its troops, he said.
“As the ITBP is deployed in high altitude areas, its troops are specially trained to do their duty under such circumstances,” added Duhan.
Created in 1962, the ITBP monitors the 3,488 km of Indo-Chinese borders. The force is also deployed in various internal security functions. (ANI)

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