First group of Yamaha Motor NTTF training center graduates pass out


Chennai, September 29 (PTI): Indian two-wheeler manufacturer Yamaha Motor announced on Wednesday that the first group of 27 graduates of the technical training institute set up by the Yamaha Motor NTTF training center had fainted after have successfully completed the four-year program. .

The Yamaha Motor NTTF Training Center in the neighboring Kancheepuram district offers a four-year program in manufacturing technology in association with the Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF). The Center is the first unit of the Japan-India Manufacturing Institute in the country to train future workshop leaders.

The program provided by the Yamaha Motor NTTF Training Center and the NTTF is registered as part of the National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM), a government program to promote employability through hands-on on-the-job training. for individuals, according to a company statement.

About 80% of the program was delivered through hands-on training in workshops at the Indian Yamaha Motor factory and 20% in a classroom set up by NTTF, he said.

Students learn about motorcycle assembly, parts control, painting, welding, casting, machining (aluminum and steel), and quality control, among others.

It is a proud moment for Yamaha to see these young talents ready to contribute to the manufacturing industry. YNTC was established with the aim of contributing to the skills development program in India and the success of these students today further strengthens our mission of creating a skilled labor pool for the manufacturing industry, ”said India Yamaha Motor director Yukihiko Tada.

“We will continue to move forward in this direction by improving the lives of young people and supporting them by improving their knowledge and skills in Japanese manufacturing methods and techniques,” he added.

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