Escalon is here to do something about COVID relief in India


Do not thought can startups “do good?” ” Thought again. Or at least that’s the thought at Escalon, a rather modest accounting and payroll services company led by the CEO Anurag Pal, who partnered with Daymond John of Shark Tank, Rich Russey of Inc. magazine, Venky Ganesan from Menlo Ventures and Jordan French, Editor-in-Chief of Grit Daily, for a fireside chat to raise funds for COVID-19 relief initiatives in India.

The last 18 months have been taxed for everyone, but not more than for small businesses. Hoping that things will improve after COVID, Anurag Pal d’Escalon says he “recognizes this confusing situation for SMEs”. This is what prompted Escalon to host a philanthropic event that will also try to make sense of what SMEs and entrepreneurs should be thinking about in the new business reality now – post-COVID, the new business environment.

On July 15 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET, Escalon and Early Growth will host the India COVID Relief Fundraiser and Small Business Roundtable featuring Daymond John, “The People’s Shark”, and other leading business experts from Grit Daily, Inc. Media and Menlo Ventures. the panel will explore the impact of COVID on small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs and how to approach this new, upcoming post-COVID environment.

The online event is expected to attract over several hundred attendees, and the fundraiser aims to raise $ 100,000. Funds from the India COVID Relief Fundraiser will go to two organizations.

Where is the money going?

Profits will go to American India Foundation to build an oxygen plant for a local hospital to help during the COVID crisis. Oxygen is scarce in India but needed to treat COVID patients. The funds will also go to Austin Hooper Foundation, which helps ‘older’ foster children start careers or small businesses to improve their livelihoods. The foundation was founded by Austin Hooper, a former Stanford University football star and now close to the Cleveland Browns.

“We are very excited about the event as it will highlight the current situation for SMEs and provide expert advice on how to be successful in a post-COVID business environment,” said Anurag Pal, CEO of Escalon and who will lead the panel. discussion. “We have deep roots in India and some of our operations reside there. So we are also happy to organize a fundraiser during the event to address this issue, as well as working with the Austin Hooper Foundation to further the desire of young adults to become business people.

Who will speak at the Essential Business Services Summit?

John, Founder of FUBU and Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship, to be a Featured Member of the Summit panel. Since John started his FUBU clothing line as a small business, he is recognized for his unwavering commitment to promoting and supporting entrepreneurs around the world.

John will be among the Who’s Who panelists at the event which will feature a number of business, media and small business experts including Grit Daily own Jordan French. Among them are:

“One of the biggest issues small businesses face is managing back office operations,” said Ruby Sahiwal, president of Escalon. “In a normal business environment, SMEs are tested enough when it comes to back office operations, let alone in a post-COVID environment. We are running this event to try to help on both fronts – funds to fight COVID in India and support for young aspiring business leaders through the Austin Hooper Foundation and imparting knowledge through of the expert group to help SMEs succeed in the future. “

To learn more about the SMB EBS Summit and the COVID Relief fundraiser, register to attend.


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