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New York, New York State – Shorter domains have always been in demand. If someone tried to register a 4 letter domain today, they would be around ten years late in registering one. As more and more businesses understand the importance of a domain name, many are faced with the question of whether a shorter domain name is better than a longer one. What if the cost associated with a shorter domain is justified. has helped customers answer these questions when it comes to purchasing the right domain for their business. “The choice between a shorter domain or a longer domain should be determined on a case-by-case basis, however, we have some data to show the early benefits of having a shorter domain,” says Anthony Santiago, Marketing Director of OnlineBusiness . com.

Short domains are usually defined as two words or less, some say they are no more than 5-8 characters long. In general, there are many advantages to having a short domain for your business, such as:

  • Easy to read, share and type on mobile
  • Easy to remember and has a social media appeal
  • Takes up less space on printed material
  • Adds authority due to the scarcity of short domains

Some also said that there might be some SEO value in a short domain, and although Google itself recommended that their domain be no longer than 2-3 words and commented that shorter names are easier to find. Remember, there is no solid evidence giving shorter domains an SEO advantage. However, with mobile traffic continuing to increase, we can probably assume that the shorter names are easier to remember and view from your phone.

An obvious advantage of a short domain is that it is more likely to be “catchy” or “sticky” in the head as opposed to a longer domain. Take the example of, which has become an ultra-premium and shorter domain in is an easy to remember and spell out domain name as opposed to its original name,

Some may argue that has had even more success and funding because of its “catchy” domain name.

On the other hand, a downside that can prevent someone from using a shorter domain for their business is that many shorter domains cost more than longer domain names., for example, was renamed, but priced at $ 70,000.

“The general rule of thumb is that shorter is usually better unless there is a unique reason to include additional words such as geography or keywords,” said Anthony Santiago, chief marketing officer at OnlineBusiness. “An increase in trust and authority can be the direct result of having the right domain name. ”

Based on past experiences with, the benefits of a short domain name are very beneficial, you just have to consider if the short domain that corresponds to your business has a domain available at the right price or if there is a longer domain name that can still function at a more reasonable cost.

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