Online and offline partnership model affects business, according to Chennai pharmacists


While several companies have seen a switch to digital media during the lockdown, drug delivery has also been moved to online platforms.

“As pharmacies have moved to an offline and online partnership model, the operations of local stores like ours have been affected. The license has been amended and they are working with local pharmacists for delivery. However, the prescription and other information is verified by local stores. For small orders, we have to organize stocks that are not even profitable for us, ”said Ramesh Kumar, pharmacist at Ekkatuthangal.

The Association of Chemists and Drugstores also points out the problems of erroneous prescriptions and problems of implementation in collaboration with electronic pharmacies for the delivery mechanism.

“There are issues with old, reused prescriptions and fake prescriptions approved by these electronic pharmacies that we have to deal with. said S Ramachandran, president of the State Druggists and Chemists Association.

As EU Health Ministry regulations on electronic pharmacies are in draft form, state authorities have had only limited intervention so far. The state medicines controller approved local stores for delivery to operate after India’s medicines controller cleared the same due to the lockdown.

“Online pharmacies should obtain licenses for the operation of drug delivery in accordance with the regulations of the Drug Controller General of India. Online registration applications were activated during the pandemic to facilitate access to medicines during the pandemic. online pharmacies are only at the design stage, so most of them are opting for links with local pharmacies, ”said Dr K Sivabalan, State Drug Controller.


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