Young people learn spoken English and receive body language training in Simdega


Young people from remote areas of the Simdega Tribal District, popularly known as the “Hockey Nursery” after the outstanding performances of Indian women’s hockey team players Nikki Pradhan and Salima Tete at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, will be honed and toned in various skills including spoken English and body language at the State of the Art training center which became operational in the neighborhood


Simdega, 150 km from the state capital, is one of the remote and backward neighborhoods and many young people in the neighborhood miss the opportunity to apply for government jobs or other candidates. The center was developed with the vision of providing the young people of the neighborhood with all modern facilities under one roof. In addition to providing students and young people with modern infrastructure, the center will also provide vocational guidance; English spoken, skills development training and personality development training for neighborhood youth.

To develop the center as a state-of-the-art facility, it was equipped with 10 computer stations with Internet access, a library and a refreshment bar. Apart from this, the center has a live TV demonstration room with a projector. As it is a free installation for students, young people and sportsmen, everyone can come and use the facilities of the center. It was targeted to benefit students and young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods, children of individuals from Divyang, sportsmen / women, children from the child observation house, family and children of street vendors, spouses and children of government employees and young people registered with the district employment center.

To achieve the desired result, the administration has joined forces with various non-governmental and social service organizations for the appointment of advisers. The center has counselors for spoken English training, body language training, computer training and skills development, and a dedicated career guidance counselor for students.

Deputy Commissioner Simdega Sushant Gaurav said: “Under the leadership of Chief Minister Hemant Soren, we prepared a detailed plan and shared it with the central government. Our proposal was approved by the Center and we obtained a sanctioned amount for the project. Only ten districts received this fund for their special initiative proposal. Such a center where students, athletes and young people can come and explore different opportunities under one roof was the need of the hour. Our neighborhood is one of the most remote neighborhoods from the state capital, it would be difficult for our young people to get to the capital and access the facilities.

For the effective and efficient functioning of the center, it was established in the district employment office, Simdega.

“Other than that, Simdega also excelled in sports. As a result, the district has established itself as the nursery for hockey players. But, a lot of times, good players lack self-confidence when they go out of state or abroad to perform. Body language training and learning spoken English to players will boost their confidence and help improve their performance on the pitch. Apart from this, the center will also have a roasting facility for the benefit of others so that everyone is aware of the day-to-day training facility. We aim to develop this center as a “Center of excellence” for the young people and students of the neighborhood, ”he added.

Youth and sports are two major areas of the outgoing government of Jharkhand led by CM Hemant Soren. With this in mind, the Simdega District Administration has developed a skills development, career guidance and personality development center inside the district employment office building.

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