A woman entrepreneur who turned the cosmetics industry upside down thanks to “Myra Veda”.


The world of care and cosmetic products is constantly evolving with humanity’s drift towards products that are more respectful of nature, organic and Ayurvedic. While many brands have effectively put forward the concept of making their skin-friendly products, only a few are genuinely inclined to ensure that the blends they concoct are as safe for nature as they are. would be for your beautiful soul. Talking about such a leading brand is “Myra Veda Luxury Essentials”. This label has been commended for amalgamating Ayurvedic herbs with the blend of exotic ingredients from various beauty traditions across the world, providing products that are sure to keep your skin happy.

Proud of its transparent, conscious and authentic approach to work, Myra Veda has successfully delivered and satisfied customers with its all-natural products. Meticulously crafted with everything extracted from nature, the brand eliminates the use of sulfates, parabens, palm oil, mineral oil, plasticizers, silicones and over 400 harmful chemicals and toxins generally used, a threat to the well-being of health. They believe that whatever is applied to the skin has a chance to penetrate through the dermal layer into the bloodstream. All of their ingredients are listed on the product’s bottles and are medically approved for application. They are also renowned for bridging the gap between Indian and international beauty traditions, combining the best of various cultures and bringing the best to the table.

Established by Eesha Bhatia in 2016, the brand was officially launched in the market in 2020. Under the careful supervision of Eesha Bhatia, ‘Myra Veda Organics’ has been a milestone in empowering women of all ages. Not only is the brand owned and managed 100% by exemplary women, but it also has a policy of favoring the employment of single mothers and widows. A portion of their profits also go to girls’ education in India through various organizations, including the Nanhi Kali Foundation.

Eesha has been a role model, emphasizing the importance of women entrepreneurs. Realize that there were enough good corporate lawyers but not enough good clean beauty brands. She decided to put her passion on a pedestal and take it to the world. Initially, it was just her concern for safe skin care products that led her to create skin care, hair care, and mineral makeup products for herself and those around her because she does not. couldn’t quite pinpoint the commercially available brands that could be trusted. His choice to launch the brand full-time was quite impromptu as orders for his products kept piling up and were very well received, crediting positive word of mouth.

Speaking about what drove her to create the best all the time, Eesha says, “Every time I visit my lab to make a product, I have this feeling that allows me to create the best for all of those people who have put it all together. their immense confidence in me. I don’t do my job for monetary benefit; rather, it is a step towards making safe skin and hair care for everyone. On top of that, creating beautiful designs for the packaging is something that gives me extra pleasure. I can say for sure that this has become my ikigai – my reason for jumping out of bed every morning.

Myra Veda is a clean, sustainable beauty brand that has provided safe and healthy skin and hair care for everyone. It takes pride in being 100% cruelty-free and vegetarian. As an animal activist, Eesha has actively worked with various animal welfare NGOs, including as a member of PETA, since the age of 14. Therefore, creating a cruelty-free brand has never been a topic of discussion.

The brand offers a wide variety of products to choose the ones that best suit your needs. Mineral makeup based on skin care, lotions, exfoliating masks, therapeutic hair oils, shampoos, cold treated soaps, steam distilled rose water (edible grade), skin radiance tea, bath salts, deodorant balm natural with Amazon lily extract and even loofah and anti -Breakage wooden hairbrushes are among the very well-regarded Myra Veda products. They also have pure unbleached clays with options such as Ice Green (volcanic) New Zealand clay, French green and pink clays, Brazilian, Serbian, Moroccan and Egyptian clays that customers can safely add. to their home beauty practices to detoxify their face & body in a 100% natural way.

Myra Veda, among others, has a wide range of really beautiful gift baskets with lots of fancy options to choose from. All products are designed in-house and are also protected by copyright. People can personalize their baskets with handwritten letters, which makes the brand a little more personal.

All of their manufactured products are GMP certified and FDA approved with units around Mumbai and Delhi. As their motto is “The best ingredients in the world, from the ground to the soul®”, they have handcrafted each product with the utmost hygiene. The organic ingredients are Ecocert certified, meeting COSMOS standards while respecting the latest advances in cosmetic science. PH-balanced products undergo rigorous stability and microbial testing before being presented to the public. By crediting their authentic approach to work, Myra Veda Organics Pvt Ltd has been shown to be walking the path to reach horizons.

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