Mohamed Coulibaly, a young entrepreneur, started a $ 1.2 million sneaker business while pursuing a career as a professional footballer.


With economic uncertainty and global civil upheaval set to continue into 2020, it can be difficult to identify the positives or inspiring stories, especially among entrepreneurs and small business owners who have suffered the brunt of the hardship. the current situation.

Surprisingly, the shoe market flourished throughout the darker months of the year, and some astute and hardworking people took advantage of the situation.

Who would have guessed that in today’s economy reselling sneakers would be a big deal? As a result, the resale industry was seen as a viable investment opportunity. The resale industry is estimated at $ 28 billion (£ 20.6 billion) in 2020, according to Retail’s latest annual report. This is not surprising, given how far the industry has grown since the days of eBay haggling, with more outlets for resale businesses and brand fans to facilitate transactions.

Understand the emergence of the sneaker resale industry and the impact of athlete influence on the popularity of footwear. Mohamed Coulibaly, a 19-year-old entrepreneur and footballer from Philadelphia, Pa., Took advantage of the growing public enthusiasm for the game. While pursuing a career as a professional footballer, the business management student at the Temple University has created a shoe company from the ground up called The Heatkickcity. Currently it is a $ 1.2 million business.

Mohamed Coulibaly is the descendant of the richest man to ever live, the ruler of the Malian Empire Mansa Musa. He is believed to inherit his natural leadership, problem-solving skills, and respect from the Great Emperor.

He wants to give back to the community by providing affordable sneakers that everyone can afford. Heatkickcity is not just a brand; It’s a way of life. Coulibaly’s secret recipe, which encompasses his athletic influence, shoe binding, cultural relevance and global impact, enables him to provide a low cost lifestyle and positive vibes to his people. The teenager is considered one of the brightest prospects in football. Due to his remarkable rise in sports affairs, he is making a name for himself. He stands out from the rest of the sports business sector with his business skills and ability to learn quickly.

He trained to speak six languages ​​fluently: French, English, Japanese, Arabic and his parents’ mother tongue, Bambara, spoken in Mali, West Africa. This gives it an advantage over the competition. In addition to his love for football and kicking, he is dedicated to his community, donating a thousand dollars each month in food, clothing, shoes and information to the homeless and those in need. Coulibaly’s effect is unique and likes to keep her life a secret. His decision to focus on quality and price rather than building a lucrative brand has helped him thrive. He attributes most of his success to his relatives and friends.

By mid-2022, he hopes to build a black-owned business on Temple Campus to provide students with affordable sneakers. To make his goals a reality, he worked closely with several well-known celebrities, like cool kicks, sole world, top athletes and rappers. His success is mostly attributed to his relatives and friends, with thanks to the businesses of his friends Bullatwins, DND Philly, hinesbros, remember who showcased the clothes and drunk aka the snipers visuals continuing to uplift the socialite.


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